1 on 1 with … Franck Lievens

Franck Lievens

Franck Lievens

ISfTeH Executive secretary

How participating in the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth would benefit your members?

Cardiology has become a major application field in Telemedicine/eHealth. And also this European Congress, in its 4th edition, has reached a successful level of content and attendance.
Therefore we strongly recommend all ISfTeH members, active in the cardiology field to put it on their agenda and attend.


What did you learn/discover during your participation to last year’s Congress?

I discovered many new products and useful applications presented not only by larger multinational companies but also by start-up companies. Absolutely worth to follow.

How do you expect this year’s congress to be different from last year’s?

I trust that, in the meantime, the organizers will have identified several new practical solutions that will be presented and displayed at this year’s event.