1 on 1 with … Gernot Marx

Gernot Marx

Prof Dr Gernot Marx

Klinik für Operative Intensivmedizin und Intermediate Care
Vorstandsvorsitzender der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Telemedizin
Sprecher des Telemedizinzentrums Aachen

What does DG Telemed expect from its involvement with this year’s congress ?

DG Telemed is the society on telemedicine in Germany aiming at promotion and enabling digital healthcare and integrate eHealth techniques in Germany. Our goal as DG Telemed is the transition of telemedicine as a part of the daily routine medical practice including reimbursement. Without any doubt, this Congress will foster the topic and offer new ideas developing eHealth solutions in Europe as well as in Germany. DG Telemed will learn important lessons from other European countries for the realization of projects in Germany.

How participating in the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth would benefit your members?

Our members will benefit tremendously from the excellent programme of the 4th Congress on eCardiology and eHealth in Berlin as the lectures focus on many important topics like m-health and health apps or cyber security. Thus, our members will get a very good update in the field. Finally, it is all about sharing expertise as our members will have the opportunity of easy networking on an international level fostering telecardiology. Very often, these personal meetings are the basis for new ideas or even innovative European collaboration.

According to you, what would most help eCardiology and eHealth grow in the very near future?

There are two major hurdles for the development of e-Cardiology and e-Health in Europe, interoperability and reimbursement. We need to create a firework of joint activities on all areas and levels, research and delivery of care across all sectors and medical fields. Thereby, we will tackle these current challenges and find innovative solutions. Thus, we can make the most of the digital potential for medicine aiming at the delivery of digital personalised medicine in the future.  Caring for our patients and to improve quality of care and outcome must be always the basis for the development of eHealth and telemedicine.