Gernot Marx

Marc Lange

Secretary General of the European Health Telematics Association EHTEL

How participating in the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth would benefit EHTEL members?

Members of EHTEL are member because they are looking to network in a multi-stakeholder and neutral environment to advance in their understanding on how to address barriers to the digital transformation of our systems of health and care and catch opportunities to advance in their implementation efforts: public services needs to meet the industry and the users and vice versa. This Congress is one of the few physician events where the enabling capabilities of digital health is the core of the programme. This creates therefore opportunities for EHTEL members to engage in conversations with physicians on what matters to both sides.

What did you learn/discover during your participation to last year’s Congress?

We discovered that the audience of eCardio was very interested in understanding how digital technologies can help them to deliver better quality care but seemed a bit less interested in engaging a conversation on the digital transformation of system of care, even with respect to evidence on impact.