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Frédéric Durand-Salmon

Frédéric Durand-Salmon

What do you expect from your participation to the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth?

Activate projects and business associated with present cardiologists.

According to you, what would most help eCardiology and eHealth to grow in the very near future ?

eCardiology and eHealth are already growing tremendously. A new era begins, cardiology has started its transition with digital solutions and active patient participation, bringing huge benefits for patients, healthcare providers and payors. The technology is definitely facilitating this spread, allowing hospitals to implement new patient pathways with fast-track rehabilitation/ambulatory processes. Clinicians provide patients with remote monitoring services using connected devices and health-patches. Patient support programs are also a reality, helping patients to manage their chronic condition innovatively.
Healthcare providers are using digital technology to coordinate the care around their patients, including in the clinical research area. Patient recruitment is facilitated thanks to the creation of eCohort, real-life patient data is collected easily and effectively, optimizing study results.
The future is NOW, digital technology has allowed a cultural shift facilitating the growth of both eCardiology and eHealth.