Zoom on... Cardiologs

Yann Fleureau with Yann Fleureau

CEO, Cardiologs

What do you expect from your participation at this year’s congress?

We expect to know more about the e-cardiology ecosystem, meet with current partners and new potential partners, educate ourselves and enjoy the different activities.

What type of professionals will you be most looking forward to meeting on site?

We would love to engage with cardiologists and healthcare professionals who practice cardiac monitoring procedures (Holter, events, etc.)

How do you expect this year’s congress to be different from last year’s?

The e-cardiology and e-health ecosystem is still relatively young and evolves quickly. We expect to meet new actors, to learn about new market trends and opportunities. Last year, we were here to educate the market about our technology, now we are ready to deploy our solution and look forward to connecting with potential clinical partners.