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Markus Riemenschneider with Markus Riemenschneider

Co-founder / General Manager in charge of R&D

What do you expect from your participation at this year’s congress?

We expect to have the opportunity to network with cardiologists, general practitioners, and other relevant members of the eCardiology community.

What type of professionals will you be most looking forward to meeting on site?

We are most looking forward to meeting cardiologists and general practitioners, as they receive the largest benefit from our technology. CardioSecur provides them with profound data from up to 22 leads (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1-V6, V7-V9, VR3-VR9). Based on this data, they have improved diagnostic capabilities, allowing for more rapid and targeted therapeutics.

According to you, what would most help eCardiology and eHealth to grow in the very near future?

The world of medicine needs a paradigm shift at many levels. There needs to be a change in the political mindset with funding to set up infrastructure for eHealth and allowance for reimbursement of diagnosis and treatment based upon this technology. Insurance companies need to set up standard programs surrounding eHealth to allow for the follow-through of projects. Physicians should set up workflows in their daily routines to improve remote patient monitoring.