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Madeleine-Ann Tristram with Madeleine-Ann Tristram

Business Development DACH Manager

What do you expect of your participation at the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth?

This will be our first time attending the eCardiology & eHealth Congress and we are all excited to be a part of it this year. Our main topic will be the remote medical care in the field of cardiology: we are looking forward to presenting our cardio vest, an innovative technology for long-term recording of ECG-signals. During the symposium, we will present a project NOMED AF: it involves 3000 patients, who are using our vest, sensor recorder and dock transmission station. Furthermore, we are expecting to have inspiring debates with different stakeholders of the health care industry as well as to see exciting industry highlights at the congress. And of course, we hope to establish collaboration possibilities and new projects in order to pursue our mission: improving medical treatment for all healthcare parties involved.

What type of professionals are you most looking forward to meeting at the congress?

From patients to doctors to political representatives: we are interested in meeting technology-specialists who follow the vision of a more efficient, modern and patient-oriented health care system. For further development of our products, it is important to consider different opinions and perspectives of people, who are well established in the healthcare business.

From your point of view, what would help eCardiology and eHealth to grow in the very near future?

Especially in Germany further regulations to the law will need to be introduced in order to improve the use of digital solutions. European countries like Sweden, Norway or Estonia developed models to follow, where we could get some inspiration from.