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Yann Fleureau

Co-founder and CEO

What do you expect from your participation to the European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth?

Cardiologs' purpose is to enable a better management of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases through artificial intelligence. Our first product, an ECG diagnosis support algorithm powered by deep learning, just obtained CE mark (class IIa device), so we are really looking forward to introducing our technology and demonstrating its performance. The European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth is also a fantastic opportunity for us to meet future partners - institutional/research partners, ECG device manufacturers - and clients - doctors (specialists and non-specialists), tele-expertise/tele-interpretation centers, hospitals, payers , etc.

According to you, what would most help eCardiology and eHealth to grow in the very near future ?

Connected devices in the field of cardiovascular diseases are becoming more and more accessible and user friendly. This trend enables a better observance by patients and therefore generates a greater and more qualitative volume of data. As the population ages and the volume of cardiac monitoring data rises, there will be an increasing number of arrhythmias, such as AF, to detect. While this is a great opportunity for strengthening primary and secondary prevention, health systems will not be able to handle this ever increasing volume of data, analyse it, and transform it into actionable, medical grade information. Cardiologs exists to bridge this gap.